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Installed on as user jetty

  1. Configure and start postgres 8.2
  2. follow the instructions in art/etc/ART_SETUP_POSTGRESQL
  3. Install jetty and configure jetty.xml like so jetty.xml
  4. Download and install the correct postgresql JDBC driver from For instance for postgreql 8.2 and java 1.6 use postgresql-8.2-508.jdbc4.jar and put it in $JETTY_HOME/lib
  5. Put the art/art.war in $JETTY_HOME/webapps/art.war
  6. Create a and and put them in $JETTY_HOME/bin along with a file
  7. Configure your firewall to redirect port 443 to 8443
  8. Execute the startup script, browse to
  9. Configure it so:

Adding extra classpaths to Jetty

At startup, the jetty runtime will automatically load all jars from the top level $jetty.home/lib, along with certain subdirectories such as $jetty.home/lib/management/, $jetty.home/lib/naming/ etc, which are named explicity in the start.config file contained in the start.jar. In addition, it will recursively load all jars from $jetty.home/lib/ext. So, to add extra jars to jetty, you can simply create a file hierarchy as deep as you wish within $jetty.home/lib/ext to contain these jars. Of course, you can always change this default behaviour by creating your own start.config file and using that instead. Otherwise, you can use one of the methods below.

On denison, because we're connecting to an Oracle database, we sym-linked the libraries:

$ pwd
-bash-3.2$ ln -s /opt/oracle/10.2/oc4j/lib/* .
-bash-3.2$ ln -s /opt/oracle/10.2/jdbc/lib/* .
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