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HDF5 is an efficient, well-documented, non-proprietary binary data format and library developed and maintained by the HDF Group. The library provided by the HDF Group is written in C and available under a liberal BSD-style Open Source software license. It has over 600 API calls and is very powerful and configurable, but it is not trivial to use.

JHDF5 is a Java binding for HDF5 focusing on ease-of-use, which was developed by CISD and is now maintained by ETH SIS. It is available under the Apache License 2.0. The library contains HDF5 1.10 from the HDF Group and files created with JHDF5 are fully compatible with HDF 1.10 (or HDF5 1.8 if you initialize the library appropriately).


Assume you want to write a float[]. All you have to do is:

float[] mydata = new float[1000];
...<fill mydata>...
IHDF5SimpleWriter writer ="farray.h5");
writer.writeFloatArray("mydata", mydata);

That's it. If you want to read your data, do:

IHDF5SimpleReader reader = HDF5Factory.openForReading("farray.h5");
float[] mydata = reader.readFloatArray("mydata");
...<use mydata>...
...<use mydata>...

There is a lot more functionality available in the API, but you don't have to learn it until you need it. For more information, see the Documentation page.


Download the current release distribution from the Download Page. It contains the documentation and the source code.

Source Code

Find the source code history on our GitLab Server.


See ChangeLog.


This software is available under the Apache License 2.0.