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Each run of diri_sampler creates five files that store different information. Here below a short description of what is found in these files.

*cor.fas: corrected reads

This file (e.g. sample-cor.fas) contains the corrected reads. The number of reads in this file is (approximately) equal to the number of reads in the input file.

*freq.csv: haplotype frequencies

At each iteration in the diri_sampler history, a number of haplotypes (clusters) exist with a number of reads associated to them. Each row of this csv file is a haplotype created in the history. On the columns the number of reads for it at each iteration.

*support.fas: haplotype support

This is where the results are stored. Already described in Local analysis.

*.dbg: debugging information

Most of the users will not find this information useful.

*.smp: sampling information

At each iteration this file saves the number of clusters present, the number of untouched reads (those which have not been assigned to a different cluster), current estimate for theta and gamma.