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openBIS is an Open Source Biology Information System, developed by the Scientific IT Services (SIS) group at ETH. Its purpose is the management, annotation and sharing of data that have been measured in biological experiments. The openBIS software framework can be easily extended and has been customized for the following technologies:

  • High Content Screening
  • Proteomics
  • Metabolomics
  • Deep Sequencing

Systems based on the openBIS framework are used in SIS's research collaborations. New releases of the base framework, the High Content Screening version and the Proteomics version are provided every other week.

For information about the software license that openBIS is available under, see Copying.

Software Download


To get started, have a look at the FAQ

For documentation about a particular version of the system, see the openBIS Download Page.

For screen casts, see openBIS Webinars (Screen Casts).

You will get an Overview of the things which have changed in the application in our Change Log.

To see the list of upcoming (and historical) changes to the configuration for each Sprint built, see Pending Configuration Changes.

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