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  • CORE: 2.8.1
  • Application support: 2.8.1
  • openBEB history
  • Platforms:
    • Mac OS X
    • Windows
    • Coming soon: Linux

Latest news

  • CORE 2.8.1 with improved module support and massively improved macro engine
  • For changes see openBEB history

gitHub and LabView 2014

We migrated to gitHub. The openBEB repository will be open for all after migrating to LabView 2014 in November 2014.

Roger Krenger performs his master thesis at the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz and uses openBEB for measurement automation using our recently developed viscometer.

Jan Burri joined our team!
He performs his master project in our lab implementing and testing a new crystallisation platform.

Stefan Arnold recently started his PhD and joined the openBEB team!

What is openBEB?

openBEB (open Biological Experiment Browser) is a software framework for data acquisition, coordination, annotation and synchronization with database solutions such as openBIS. OpenBEB consists of two main parts: A core program and a plug-in manager. Whereas the core of openBEB maintains a local container of raw-data and metadata and provides annotation and data management tools, the data-specific tasks, such as data acquisition or visualization, are performed by plug-ins.

  • openBEB can support arbitrary types of data
    The data definitions are provided by plug-ins. You can mix data-types from different domains by combining the respective plug-ins.
  • A controlled vocabulary helps to assemble coherent protocols describing your experiments
    You can define protocols by assembling predefined terms. Protocols can be synchronized between different openBEB installations via an automatic update mechanism.
  • Make data handling easier
    During import, check sums are calculated to control data-consistency. Compress your data. Synchronize with a data-base, such as openBIS.  
  • You can easily program your own plug-ins using LabView
    When programming your own plug-in, your must follow a few strict rules to classify it as an openBEB plug-in and profit from the openBEB CORE facilities, such as data and meta-data handling. 

Quick links

Help options

The CINA browser has following help options:

  1. Online help: The help you are currently reading.
  2. Context help: Select the openBEB menu → context help
    A small window is opened providing more roll-over information about the different graphical elements. 




Short guide to openBEB

Detailed help

Administrator and developer documentation

Recent documentation changes

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