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The administration plug-in helps to organise the extension folder: Mainly to create and maintain protocols, error definitions, but also to upload new versions to the server (the latter functionality is currently limited to Mac OS X).

INI file

Classfile = "administrationTooldClass.lvclass"
pluginID = "AdminTool1"
minOpenBEB = 2.000000
Linux = TRUE
Windows NT = TRUE
Solaris = FALSE

Name = "Administration tool"
Type = "Tools"
Author = ""
Version = "2"
Help = ""
Description = "Helps to maintain the application support folder. This folder contains tools to create and modifz protocols, error definition files. The administration tools can also package the application support folder and apload on an ssh aerver."
Institute = "C-CINA, Biozentrum, University Basel"
Standard? = TRUE
MainVI = ""


  • The upload function is currently for Mac OS X only.


To start the administration tool, select "Administration tool" from the Tools menu.

The tools window is opened:

The administration plug-in manages the application support folder. The tool allows the maintenance and creation of protocols (1), the definition of openBEB errors (2) and the semiautomatic upload of the application support folder to the server (3). Protocols are composed of three files: an initialization file (4), a collection protocol (5) and  a data-set protocol (6). The latter two are assembled from a library of controlled vocabulary items (7), which is shared between all protocols. An entry from the controlled vocabulary can be changed, and these changes can be automatically transferred to existing protocols (8).



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