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General information

This section aims to provide starter information for

*Labview developer environment needed; the student edition is sufficient (export of plug-ins).

** Professional edition needed (compiling of stand-alone programs).

Source code on github


We are current;y testing the new github repository and will make the repository freey accessible as soon the new file structure is verified..

We are now using as repository for openBEB:

To get access to the source code, please contact

openBEB CORE source code organisation

The openBEB CORE source is organised in three main folders:

  1. CORE: The main CORE program
  2. EXTENSIONS: Standard plug-ins and standard definition files .
  3. SUPPORT: Other parts of openBEB not distributed needed by developes, such as documentation files and batch compilation programs.

See also following scheme:


The file is distributed with the application on order to facilitate the first run without access to the update server. However, this file is too large to be uploaded to the gitHub server and must be manually managed.

You can download extensions version 2.8 here.

You can download the current version here and include it in your openBEB core project file as shown below:

You must add this file to the compile instruction for the CORE software build.

LabView project files

You must create your own LabView project files. A template is provided with the source code. Make a copy and link the libraries new (you will asked). Do not forget to change the paths of the build options.

Do not use the project file provided by the source code. This file is maintained by the initiator of a plug-in or another software component.

Separate compiled and source code!

We use SVN for source code management. Historically, LabView stored the source and compiled code together. This can lead to confusions of the compiler in a mixed environment, e.g., by mixing WINDOWS systems with MACs.

Separate source and compiled code

Always separate source and compiled code. For every VI, a flag is stored along with the file to control that. This is easily managed by the project file attributes:

  1. Right-click on the Project and select Properties
  2. In the properties dialog field, select project and click "separate compiled and source code"
  3. You can also use Mark existing items, to set the flag on existing VIs in the project.


openBEB DevCenter

The openBEB DevCenter provides a user interface to manage the different openBEB projects and to perform time saving mass-compiles.

  • You need the LabView Developer software to use the development center.
  • openBEB must be run in the development environment, the run-time environment does not work (missing compilers).
  • Look for the openBEB DevCenter here.
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