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Plug-in for time-lapse imaging of cell cultures, single cell lysis and preparation for electron microscopy.

INI file

Classfile = "SingleCellLysis.lvclass"
pluginID = "CINA_SCL1"
minOpenBEB = 2.000000
Linux = FALSE
Windows NT = TRUE
Solaris = FALSE

Name = "CINA Single cell lysis"
Type = "Collection"
Author = ""
Version = "1.1"
Help = ""
Description = "CINA single cell lysis control software"
Institute = "University Basel"
Standard? = FALSE
MainVI = ""


  • Windows only
  • CINACamLib
  • CINAPriorLib
  • CINAFreqGenLib
  • CINAScionicLib
  • CINAMercuryLib


Plug-in consisting of 6 modules for live cell imaging, single cell lysis and preparation for electron microscopy. Each module consists of 2 panels, a main front panel, which is mainly

used during experiments, and a "configure" panel where devices are initialized and configurations are stored.

The modules are the following:

1: Live cell imaging module, containing a microscopy camera. Some post processing can be done in the module and photos and movies can be recorded.

2: Stage control module. Controls the movement of the motorized stage in XY direction and movement of the nozzle used for single cell lysis in Z direction. The step size in Z direction

can be tuned from 1 um up to 1000 um and XYZ positions can be stored. A scheme shows the exact XY position of the nozzle at any time relative to the stage.

3: Cameras for the surveillance of the nozzle. Camera 1 (upper image) is directed onto the spot where the nozzle will come into contact with the stage. Camera 2 is directly

mounted to the Z motor and is always pointed towards the tip of the nozzle.

4: Module for controlling the applied pressure for aspirating cell lysate or deposition of cell lysate onto EM grids.

5: Frequency generator module. The applied frequencies for the lysis of cells are determined here.

6: Module for controlling the valve for applying pressure and additional light source for better visualization of the nozzle tip.

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