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Depending of the type of plugin, the procedure is slightly different. Basically, following steps must be performed.

  1. Create a new new project in a dedicated file system folder
  2. Add the openBEB class hierarchy including the plugineManager class, or a specific subclass of the plugin manger (e.g. for importers)
  3. Create a new class in the project, set the inheritence
  4. Create the overwrite functions
  5. adjust the overwrite functions and program the main VI
  6. Export plugin

Afterwards,the plugin should be registered automatically during the start-up procedure of the openBEB CORE program.

As of LabView 2012, running the CORE program does not need a force compile any more.

Tools, Collection plugin

Minimal instruction to create a new pluginManager child-class:

  1. Create a new folder in the file-system for the new project
  2. Create a new LabView project file in the newly created folder
  3. Add following classes from the trunk to the project:
    • CBPMPluginManager.lvclass
    • CBApplicationSupport.lvclass
    • CBDataManager.lvclass
    • CBMetadata.lvclass
  4. Create a new class in the project
    • Open Property editor
    • Change the heritance of the newly created class as a subclass of the CBPMPluginManager
  5. Create Overwrite VIs (Right click on the newly created classes)
    • CBPMGetPluginInfo, adjust the information directly in the code
    • CBPMPreferencesGUI
    • CBPMInitializePlugin
    • CBPMStartMain
  6. Save all overwrite functions in the plug-in directory

Adjust the overwrite functions to your need. CBPMStartMain will trigger the program and can be structured like a main program. at the end, the project must be exported for testing:

  1. Under Build specifications in the project, add Source distribution
  2. Provide the build path
  3. Under source, select the newly created class
  4. Exclude allparent classes from the build
    • CBPMPluginManager.lvclass
    • CBApplicationSupport.lvclass
    • CBDataManager.lvclass
    • CBMetadata.lvclass
  5. Under Additional exclusions, deselect all options
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