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Start Administration plug-in

You need to start start the administration plug-in to maintain and/or create protocols (Tools -> administration plug-in).

For more information about the plug-in itself see the plug-in page.


  • To manage protocols, select Manage protocols (1).
  • A protocol is a file system folder in the extension folder, containing 3 files:
    • A collection protocol (4).
    • A data-set protocol (5).
    • An ini file.
  • Collections are assembled by using a controlled vocabulary. Therefore, the first step is to create a library of controlled vocabulary items (7).
  • These items can then be transferred to the protocol by pressing the transfer button (8).

Create/Change controlled vocabulary

  • Manage the library by dragging entries (moves them in the hierarchy).
  • Delete: You can delete entries (careful, do not delete entries used in existing protocols unless this is really, really necessary). This does not disturb existing entries as meta-data from data-sets.
  • Add: Adds a new entry.
  • Edit: Edits an existing entry (see below).
  • Apply to all protocols: All the protocols are updated with the edited entries.

To add or edit an entry, following dialog is displayed:

  • Attribute name: Name of item.
  • Parent label: Name of the parent. Note you can maintain a standard list of parent labels for coherence.
  • Data type: Select the data-type for the item
  • Entry control: You can provide an entry control for the item.
  • Editable: Select if the protocol entry can be changed.
  • Can be empty (not used at the moment): Select if the entry can be empty (future control).
  • Searchable: Select if the entry should be searchable in the database (openBIS).
  • Standard value: Provide a standard value for the item, must be in agreement with data type and entry control!
  • Help string: Provide a help string describing the item. This help string is displayed when selecting an entry in the context help.

A unique identifier is automatically created.

To edit the parent labels, you can manage the list by pressing the button "edit attribute parent list":

You can move, add and delete items.

To add an item to a protocol and edit a protocol

  1. Select the vocabulary entry.
  2. Press the green transfer button (8).
    The item is added to the protocol.
  3. You can edit the protocol by a double-click. Note, you only can change the standard value and the parent name.
  4. You can rearrange the items by dragging. If you drag an item below another parent, the parent name is automatically changed.
  5. To change an item property, you must edit the vocabulary item and press "Apply to all protocols".


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