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Curent data-set meta-data version: 2

The data properties are described with two fields:

  1. Dimensions: Describing the coordinate system of a data-set.
  2. Data-type: Description of the actual data

The data can consist of an arbitrary number of axes.


The dimensions are described in an array of clusters (structs) containing following fields:


The data type is described in a clustewr containing following fields:






Double Float (64bit)

 Single Float (32bit) 
 Extended Float (128bit) 
 Signed integer (64bit) 
Signed integer (32bit)  
 Signed word (16bit) 
6Signed Byte (8bit) 
7Unsigned integer (64bit) 
8Unsigned integer (32bit) 
9Unsigned word (16bit) 
10Unsigned Byte (8bit) 
11Unsigned integer (32bit) 
12Time stamp (128bit)Labview 128bit fixed oint time stamp.
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