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History since version 2.44


openBEB 2.x development is concentrating on the backend, the macro integration and to simplify plug-in development.

openBEB 3.x will revamp user interface to simplify the use of the software. Furthermore, a better plug-in handling and updating will be implemented.

CORE 3.0/Extensions 3.0

  • Finally LabView 2014 (maybe 2016)
  • Improved error handling system
  • New update mechanism using gitHub (might be shifted to version 3.1)
  • more descriptive log files
  • Array handling in the macro language
  • Modular window management, allows several collection to be open, several viewports to be open
  • Better code structure, clearly defined information flow.

CORE 2.9/Extensions 2.9 (will be integrated in openBEB vs 3)


  • Macro module tracking, cleanup after errors
  • Improved CORE macros, allowing opening of unpopulated collections (collections with associated data-sets, which do not exist yet)
    • CINA CamLib:
      • Color support
      • Camera hardware settings support (GUI)

CORE 2.8.2/Extensions 2.8.2 (will be integrated in openBEB vs 3)

Switch to LabView 2014. This also means, 64-bit support on Mac OS X. Needs intensive testing:

 OS X 10.9.XOS X 10.10.XWin7Win 8
LabView 2012 (32bit)WWWNT
LabView 2012 runtime (32bit)WWWW
LabView 2014 (32bit)WNTWNT
LabView 2014 runtime (32bit)NWNWNTNT

64bit versions will be tested later. W: Working, NT: Not tested, MP: Minor Problems; NW: Not Working



  • Bug: Plug-ins can be desactivated/activated again.


  • CINACam Lib: Improved performance.
  • CINA Cam Lib: New possibility of view-binning for high-resolution cameras.

CORE 2.8.1/Extensions 2.8.1 (2014-07-31)

  • CORE:
    • Improved CORE commands (continued)
    • CORE: New module command help browser and administration tools.
    • For developers: New high-lever vi's for easier creation of modules (See class CBApplicationSupport).
    • Bug correction: CORE settings connection files are now loaded correctly.
    • Minimizing of log viewer
    • Minimizing of Macro Viewer
    • Macro editor now has a new setting in the CORE preferences for text size (important for high resolution screens) and "old" people (smile)
    • Macro editor: Improved syntax coloring (including a new CORE preferences to disable it for old computers). 
    • Macro editor: Search and replace function.
    • Macro: !Semaphore: The release of an unacquired semaphore does not trigger an error 111 anymore, instead a warning -8007 is released.
    • Macro modules: This allows transparent user management of macros. 
    • Debugging window
      • showing progress of the executed macro
      • Stepwise execution of macro
    • Amended error handling system. Major changes:
      • Improved clean-up of failed macro (unlocking semaphores, removing unexecuted commands from all modules)
      • Rescue macro
      • Better error mail handling
      • Improved GUI fr error handling
      • Improved CORE preferences for error handling
    • RESOLVED: Removed a serious bug, where variables were not passed correctly to a macro during macro start-up.
    • RESOLVED: A rare race situation, when reloading a viewport shortly after terminating it.
    • RESOLVED: Synax coloring fixed for machines with more than two processor cores.
    • RESOLVED: Correct termination of modules
    • Improved Standard Macros
    • Log viewer now has a new settings panel to adjust text size (important for high resolution screens)
    • New SimpleCam plug-in for windows only (needs NI vision runtime library)
    • (Public integration of cell-culture protocols)

CORE 2.8/Extensions 2.8 (2013-11-24)

  • CORE:
    • Improved metadata handling (extended macro support)
    • Improved hierachical coordinate system
    • Support of macro system calls
    • Better vi.lib integration: Smaller foot-print in memory of the plug-ins. However, the vi.lib subprograms are still supplied with the plug-in itself.
    • Removed bug: The CORE program now checks, if minimal requirements are satisfied on the target system.
      • Minimal screen-size of 1024x720 pixel
    • Better documentation and renewed CORE commands. The old commands are redirected and a warning is issued.

Extensions 2.71 (2013-09-03)

Extensions 2.701

  • Extensions:
    • Bug in PNG importer resolved

CORE 2.7/Extensions 2.7

This version was delayed for more than two month due to a linking problem in the windows version. A recent update of LabView corrected the problem.

  • CORE:
    • Improved data set properties supporting arbitrary dimensions and better support for scaling
    • Data-set meta-data version 2
  • Extensions
    • Needs CORE 2.7
    • New wave data-type family

CORE 2.6/Extensions 2.6

Transition to LabView 2012. 

CORE 2.5.01/Extensions 2.52

  • CORE:
    • Reintroduced core commend, which is obsolete, but can lead to start-up errors (only once) when upgrading to version 2.5
    • Improved SaveViewMacro
  • Extensions:
    • QuickTimeDemo PlugIn: Window is now automatically closed
    • ImportFromFileSystem plugin: Cancel error of file election panel is removed, deleting of multiple list entries is implemented

CORE 2.5 / Extensions 2.5

  • CORE 2.5 needs extensions 2.5
  • CORE
    • Improvements:
      • Better protocol handling
      • Protocol templates facilitating the creation of new collections
      • Inspector:Improved GUI
      • Improved GUI of main window
      • Corrected a potential dead-lock in the batch annotation tool
      • Better exception handling during the opening of a collection 
    • Bug fixes:
      • Data-set protocols: Free text fields are now saved correctly.
      • Meta-data only collections: Improved GUI management, e.g. unneeded options are dimmed, preventing nonsense commands
      • The data-set list is now cleared
      • Corrected bug in collection inspector: Under certain circumstances, thw selected metadata was exchanged with the metadata of the loaded collection
  • Extensions: Massively improved Administration tools, including a new protocol handling system.

CORE 2.491 / Extensions 2.493

  • CORE improvements:
    • Removed a bug when opening metadata-only collections
    • Added time stamp editor for protocols
    • Corrected bug preventing the change of file associations

CORE 2.49 / Extensions 2.492

  • CORE Improvements
    • Improved macro panel: Larger font size (windows) and direct link to command list
    • General improved preferences handling for first run of openBEB
    • Improved context help in main window
  • CORE bug fixes
    • Corrected first run initialisation of preferences
      • Removed a bug preventing proper initialisation of SMTP server
      • Disabled core preferences dialog to be closed
    • Fixed collection data-set list generation: The files are now flagged correctly
    • Fixed batch annotation tool
  • Extensions:
    • Improved first-run initialization of some plug-ins
    •  Data-load macros: Fixed bug, where data-sets were not displayed correctly, when first opened with surface or PS viewer

CORE 2.48

  • Corrected a bug during the first time run: Some values were not initialized properly, e.g. the standard wait time was 0 in some cases leading to a non-functional browser

CORE 2.47

  • CORE: Improved first run dialog
  • First run: Improved user information, when installation problems were dee
  • openBEB for Mac: Massively improved performance during extension update
  • openBEB: Autoupdate of CORE program
  • openBEB Mac: New packaging using installers
  • CORE: Better first-run initialization of some CORE preferences.

CORE 2.46 / Extensions 2.491

  • CORE: An application support folder is bundled with the CORE program, in case the access to server fails during first run
  • Extension version 4.91: Tested update mechanism for Windows 8; Mac os X 10.6.8; Mac OS X 10.7.4

CORE 2.45 / Extensions 2.49

  • CORE: Corrected bug when selecting a non-bundle folder (previously locked openBEB for 30s).
  • Extension 2.49 needs CORE 2.45
  • Powerspectra viewer: Removed bug when closing viewport
  • DM3 importer: corrected bug in preferences subroutine
  • Macro panel: Performance improvements

CORE 2.44 / Extensions 2.48

  • CORE:Improved update mechanism
  • CORE/Windows: Corrected bug to attach existing bundles
  • openBISplugin/Windows: Corrected authentication to openBIS server
  • Support for EMVector TIF data
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