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History openBEB 1 (CINA Browser)

CINA Browser and openBEB vs. 1

openBEB 1: This version was preciously called CINA Browser. openBEB 1 is not supported any more.

See information about version numbers here.

Version 1.x

Browser 1.007, Extension 1.04

  • Improvements
    • Changed standard size for previews to 1024 pixels
    • Rudimentary key navigation. See this new help page.
  • Fixes
    • LUT generators: cursers only can go o reasonable positions
    • Corrected bug in histogram scaling problem
    • Corrected scaling/layout problem of images/powerspctra
  • Changes
    • The standard pan and tools from he image port is removed. Use the loupe window for zooming.

Browser 1.005

  • Improvements:
    • Better user interface
    • Improved update mechanism: The browser checks first, if the update repository is busy

Browser 1.004, Extension 1.03 (2011-05-06)

  • Installer set back to .dmg based distribution (Mac)
  • Main window rearranged to give more space to the quadratic images
  • openBIS library is completely modularized

Browser 1.003, Extension 1.02 (2011-05-04)

  • New feathers:
    • Full screen mode
    • Dynamic user interface to optimize screen usage
  • Fixes:
    • Download from openBIS now works also for bundles
    • Improveved update mechanisms
  • Known issues:
    • Representations may have wrong size


THE CINA browser consists of two components:

  1. The browser
  2. Extension folder

Every component has its own version number.
the version numbers have the form x.yz:

  • x: Main version, significant new features
  • y: Extensive changes, but no significant new features
  • z: Minor changes (development release, small bug fixes) starting with 01
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