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This page provides an overview of how data are organized and how you can load data in the program from the file systems.

Your data is organized in collections

openBEB organizes your data in an hierarchical structure of "collections". The root of your collection is called ''bundle''. A bundle is the start of the collection tree in your file system. It is a normal collection but additionally associated with a path.

A collection consists of three parts:

  1. Collection metadata.
  2. A series of data-sets.
  3. A metadata file for every data-set.

Note, collections do not have to contain data-sets; collections of metadata alone (1) are possible.

A collection has the specific file structure depicted below:

The screenshot depicts the bundle test.bundle and the subcollection test2. As you can see, you can access all your data by the standard file browser. With Mac OS X, you need to right-click the bundle icons and select the option "Show package contents" to do this.

How to load, browse and annotate data

This screen-cast shows, how data are organized, how you can import data from the file system and how to browse and annotate data.

DataStructureAnd data loading.mp4

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