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Installers and updates

Installation principles

The first time installation is provided by disc images (Mac: .d,mg files). See also user documentation here. Updates and installers are hosted on the openBIS server in the folder /cina-public (see below).

Update principles

During program start-up, the CINA browser requests the current version numbers by https and compares the versions with the program version and the extension folder versions:

  • Browser versions: teststring at the highest level of the program.
  • Extension Version: Text file (version.txt) at the highest level of the extension folder.

The update program requests the text file versions on the server:

file versions

1. Browser
2. Extensions
3. Minimal browser for extension

The first three lines provide the corresponding version numbers, the rest is help documentation. If the versions found are higher than the current version, the new software is downloaded:

  • The extension folder is only updated, when the minimal browser version given is lower than the currently installed browser version (to avoid incompatibilities).
  • The extension folder (if valid) is automatically downloaded and installed.
  • The program image (Mac: .dmg) is always downloaded, if a newer version is detected.

Contents of the /cina-public folder and preparation

CINA Browser Vs. 1

filename openBEB 2


Zipped extension folder



Macinstosh disc image or installer, respectively containing openBEB Mac os X (binaries) and an LabView runtime library



Textfile displayed during program start up of the browser with news and version information



Textfile pointing to this documentation



Textfile containing the version information

Note: CINA browse Vs. 1 is not supported any more.

Preparation of the the extension folder

  1. Synchronise the different version of the extension folder
  2. Zip it the extension folder. Call the compressed file
  3. Replace old extension folder in CORE/Trunk/
  4. Commit the new extension folder to the SVN server

The extension folder is included in the CORE program in case, no internet connection exists when openBEB is started the first time.

Preparation the Mac CORE program and installer

  1. Compile the Mac browser (from the LabView project)
  2. Open the CINAbrowser bundle, and change the contents/Info.plist file.
  3. Add
    to the property list.
  4. Create installer: Installs the CORE program in /Applicationas and the run-time library as Mac framework. Note, that due to a bug in the run-time library the installer curently installs a private version.
    A sample installer file you can find here (uses packagemaker fro  Apple).
  5. Name the output file openBEB2Mac.pkg.

Preparation of openBEB Windows installer

  1. Compile the software (see distributed example project file).
  2. Compile the installer instructions.
  3. open the folder containing the installer (folder is called volumes).
  4. Add all files to a ZIP file.
  5. Name the Zip file

It is important that the the installer is directly in root of the ZIP file, otherwise the autoupdate mechanism fails.

Uploading files (Mac version only)

A. Manage version decriptors and upload extension folder

  1. Open the openBEB Administration plug-in from the Tools menu.
  2. Go to panel Load and press Lock. Clients cannot update during this time.
  3. Edit the version numbers. Press Update to write the version file in the extension folder.
  4. Press compress extension folder and upload extension folder to zip the extensions and ipload them to the server.

B. Upload CORE program installers

  1. SSH to and go to /cina-public.
  2. Create a backup of all important files.
  3. sftp  to and go to /cina-public.
  4. Upload the mac installer and windows files prepared above.

C. Update version descriptor and news file

  1. Go back to the administration tool
  2. Edit the news window
  3. Press Upload for the version file and the news file


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