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Tool to visually create lists from files to import into a collection.

INI file

Classfile = "ImportFromFileSystem.lvclass"
pluginID = "ImportFromFilesystem1"
minOpenBEB = 2.000000
Linux = FALSE
Windows NT = TRUE
Solaris = FALSE

Name = "ImportFromFilesystem"
Type = "Collection"
Author = ""
Version = "1.0"
Help = ""
Description = "Imports Data from File system"
Institute = "C-CINA, University Basel"
Standard? = TRUE
MainVI = ""


  • None


To start the "import from filesystem tool":

  1. Create a collection if needed
  2. Select the collection (or bundle) you want to import the data into
  3. Select "importFromFilesystem" from the "Select importWizard" menu:

A new window is opened:

You can now assemble a list of files using the + buttons:

  • Copy files instead of move: Safer than just move the files. Moving files from servers can trigger errors!
  • + files: Add files or a list of files
  • + folders: Add a folder or a list of folders
  • -: Delete an entry in the list
  • Cancel: Aborts the import and discards the list
  • OK: starts the import process. The collection is locked for browsing during this time.

Note, that all files you select are imported. All the contents of a folder is imported recursively. However, the folder structure in openBEB is displayed flattened. Only files with the correct file extensions will be processed and will be displayed in the browser. This allows you to keep your raw data together with other files, e.g., protocols for later inspection by the file system browser.

The standard batch import window is opened:

Press OK, the collection will be unlocked.


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