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  • Mac with Mac Os X 10.5 or higher OR PC with windows XP or higher (Windows 8.1 not tested yet)
  • Screen with minimal size of 1024 x 720 pixel
  • JAVA runtime environment

Installed components

Two components are installed (besides the run-time environments) to have a working installation:

  1. CORE program: Can be installed anywhere on your file system.
  2. Application support: The openBEB application support folder contains plug-ins and metadata-definition files. This folder is regularly updated. Depending on the operating system, this folder is located in the users application support folder (Mac) or local\preferences folder (Windows). You need write permissions for this folder.

To test you installation, you can download some test-data from here.


Installation is performed in e steps:

  1. Install run-time libraries (only needed once).
    1. JAVA
      1. Mac os X: Supplied with the operating system (Snow leopard), see the homepage of Apple. For Mac os X 10.7 and 10.8, JAVA is now directly distributed by Oracle.
      2. Windows and Linux: Find more information here:
    2. LabView runtime
      1. The runtime environment is provided with the openBEB installer. For more information see the home-page of National Instruments
  2. Install CORE program (see binary downloads below for you're operating system).
  1. Install application support. This is automatically performed during the first program start-up of openBEB.

Firewall and auto-update

Currently, the firewall may block the auto-update function of openBEB. In this case, a bundled version of the application support folder will be used.

  1. Download some test data here.

Mac OS X (Screen-cast)


The LabView runtime environment is automatically installed or udated respectively (LabView runtime 2012). Note: The official installer has a bug preventing openBEB from working probably (2013-03-11). This is fixed in the release provided by the openBEB installer.


  1. Download the openBEB installer.
  2. Open the openBEBMac.pkg file by right-click and follow the instructions. OpenBEB is installed in the /Application/ directory.
  3. OpenBEB is started by the installer. The extension folder will be downloaded and installed.


The windows version is currently being tested.

  1. Download the openBEB installer.
  2. Open the ZIP file using explorer.
  3. Run the installer. You need administration rights. This installer also contains the latest run-time libraries.
  4. Start openBEB. The extension folder will be downloaded and installed.


To save development time in the initial roll-out, no linux version is provided. This version is regularly compiled, but not tested extensively. Will follow soon after the Windows release.

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