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Dsiplays the openBEB log file.

INI file

Classfile = "LogFileViewer.lvclass"
pluginID = "LogFileViewer1"
minOpenBEB = 2.200000
Linux = FALSE
Windows NT = TRUE
Solaris = FALSE

Name = "Log Viewer"
Type = "Tools"
Author = ""
Version = "1.0"
Help = ""
Description = "Opens the openBEb log file for examination"
Institute = "C-CINA, Biozentrum, Unibversity Basel"
Standard? = TRUE
MainVI = ""


  • The upload function is currently Mac os X only


To open a log viewer, select "Log Vierwer" from the Toold menu.

Opens the logFileViewer. You can open several instances if needed.

  • Clear: Clears the display, only new messages are shown
  • Reload: The complete log file is reloaded. Useful after a "clear"
  • Set marker: Sets a visual marker at the end of the log file (is NOT written to the log file, only at the display)
  • Float window: Log file veiwer stays above other windows
  • Autoscroll: The view is scrolled automatically to the newest messages, expect the curser is above the log viewer
  • Search: Typer terms to search for, only messages/lines containing the term are displayed, press "x" to delete the search.

Messages / log entry format

The messages have always the same format:

Date Time MODULENAME XX message
  • <- Coomand send to module
  • -> Message from module
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