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Components of the main window

  • A) Viewport for data visualization. These viewports are dynamically opened when browsing datasets. For a specific data-type, different viewports can be available.
  • B) Tools and navigation panel.
    • (1) Metadata-panels for collections and datasets.
    • (2) Bundle management.
    • (3) Collection management.
    • (4) Tree representation of attached bundles (“root collection”) and collections.
    • (5) User interface triggering database synchronization or download of data.
  • C) Management and metadata panel.
    • (6) Navigation for dataset browsing.
    • (7) Tools and help pop-up’s.
    • (8) Full-screen toggle.
    • (9) Viewport selection: A specific data-type can be visualised by different viewports.
    • (10) openBEB menu.

Screen cast: How to use the main window

This screencast provides an overview of the main window.



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