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openBEB Mac

Failing "check for update": Server not reachable (2013-07-24)

Q: During program start-up, the check for update window" claims that the server is not reachable. However, the internet connection works.

Unfortunately, the runtime library of LabView 2012 has a bug. But there is an easy work-around:

  1. Open the folder: /Library/Frameworks/LabVIEW\ 12.0\ Runtime.framework/resource
  2. Check, if the folder ni_httpClient.framework is listed
  3. Rename the folder, e.g., to ni_httpClient.framework.bak

The update function should work now.

Note, that the installer of openBEB installs a private version, including this work-around. However, if you installed the official version, you must apply this work-around.

How can I open a bundle in the finder? (2013-11-11)

openBEB maintains a local repository fir data storage (data-sets and meta-data) called bundles. They are using the extension *.bundle. These folders are treated on the Mac OS X operating systems like files. However, these bundles are standard file-system folders and can be opened using the Finder program:

  1. Right-click the bundle icon
  2. Select "Show Package contents"
  3. A finder window with the bundle contents is shown.

openBEB Windows

How can I open or attach an existing bundle? (2013-11-11)

On windows, bundles are normal folders with the name BundleName.bundle:

  1. Press button "Attach Bundle…".
  2. Navigate to the bundle location.
  3. On windows, open the bundle (e.g., by double click).
  4. Press button "Select this folder" (here in german: "Ordner Auswählen"):

The bundle is attached.

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