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Frame-grabber tool to record images using a QuickTime-compatible camera, e.g., labtop camera from apple computers.

INI file

Classfile = "QuickTimeDemo.lvclass"
pluginID = "QuickTimeDEMO1"
minOpenBEB = 2.000000
Linux = FALSE
Windows NT = TRUE
Solaris = FALSE

Name = "QuickTime"
Type = "Collection"
Author = ""
Version = "1.0"
Help = ""
Description = "Demo plug-in for the image registration from QuickTime compatible cameras. Needs QuickTime (see and the QuickTimeLib openBEB library."
Institute = "C-CINA, Biozentrum,. University Basel"
Standard? = FALSE
MainVI = ""


  • Needs QuickTime Libraries installed (Apple)


To start the "import from filesystem tool":

  1. Create a collection if needed
  2. Select the collection (or bundle) you want to import the data into
  3. Select "QuickTime" from the "Select importWizard" menu.

See also this screen-cast.

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