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Automatic update during program start

The browser checks for updates during every program start. For this, a connection to the internet is needed. If no connection to the server can be established, the update procedure is cancelled.

The browser checks for updates for following components:

  1. The browser itself: if an update is needed, a disc image is downloaded and mounted. Quit the browser and replace the old version with the new one
  2. The extension folder: The extension folder is automatically updated. No further actions are needed. Note, that the extension folder is only automatically updated, if the new extension folder version is compatible with the currently used browser version.

A description of the different versions and changes you can find in the history section.

Labview runtime

For updating, the LabView runtime does not need to be installed.

Why automatic updates of extension folder?

The automatic extension folder updates are needed for protocol consistency and openBIS compatibility.

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