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Viewports are linke to ViewportsTypes

Viewports, as well as importer plugins, are dependent of viewport types. THe data management and some data type dependent calculations are taken over by the viewportType plugins. See the section about viewportTypes for more details.

Overwrite functions and main program structure

Following owerwrite functions must be provided

  • CBPMGiveViewportReference: Must provide an reentrantrefrence to the viewport VI
  • The main viewport VI must contain a queued state machine with a string array queue called viewport
  • Following viewport commands the state machine must understand:
    • loadReferences: Loads main class-tree reference
    • stop: Stops the the viewport main VI

Starting, communicating and stopping viewport

  • To start the viewport, send ViewportLoad::UNIQUEID to the main queue (UniqueID is the UNIQUEID of the viewport plugin set in the CBPMPluginInfo).
  • To send a command to the viewport, use Viewport::YOURCOMMAND
  • To remove a viewport plugin, you must use following commands:
    • viewport::stop: Stops the viewport vi
    • ViewportUNLoad: Unloads the viewport and hides the sub-panel.

Minimal commands, a viewport must support

Use viewport::COMMAND in the CORE queue (See here)




Stops the the main program


DIsplays the data in the viewport


Reloads the data as reference into the stack

CORE viewport commands




Loads the viewport (not viewportType) and sends the reference of the main class hierarchy to the viewport.


Creates a list of all viewports. Such a list is created for every viewportType


Stops the current viewport. Must only be called after a viewportLoad command


Sends a command to the current viewport

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