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Functions/Tasks provided by the CORE program

The openBEB CORE program is data-type independent and takes over house keeping functionalities. These include:

  • Data handling: Note, that the data handling of the CORE program is data-type agnostic.
    • MD5 checking: Checks for data integrity.
    • Compression: Lossless data compression.
  • Data organisation
    • The CORE program maintains a organized folder structure.
    • Meta-data handling
      • Flexible protocol management system with controlled vocabulary (screencast).
      • Embedded data.
      • Batch annotation system.
  • Preferences
  • Plug-in management
  • Update mechanism


Architecture of CORE program

OpenBEB runs locally and consists of a core program and a plug-in manager. Plug-ins are dynamically loaded during start-up. The core program maintains a local bundle, i.e., a container structure in the file system that contains raw-data, metadata and cache files. All files (except the cache files) are readable by standard programs, can be browsed in the file system, and can be directly accessed by other local programs. OpenBEB also has a settings manager and an update manager. The latter automatically updates an application support folder containing metadata definition files and plug-ins. The plug-ins are loaded and coordinated by the plug-in manager. The open architecture of openBEB allows plug-ins to be written to handle different types of data (data-type plug-ins, e.g., for images or simple time resolved data). Depending on the data-type, data-importers or plug-ins for data-visualization (called viewports) can be loaded. The plug-in manager also provides a unified interface for instrument control plug-ins facilitating the rapid development of instrument control software. Database synchronization is also provided by plug-ins. The standard openBEB installation is designed to communicate with the openBIS system.


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