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Basic information

  • You need the LabView Developer software to use the development center.
  • openBEB must be run in the development environment, the run-time environment does not work (missing compilers).
  • Download Vs. 1.5 of DevCenter here. Copy the file to any location.

openBEB DevCenter 1.5 with Labview 2012 and OS X

With some project files compilation errors might occur using LabView 2012 on OS X. This only happens to specific project files. You still can use the DevCenter, but you must open the faulty project and compile from hand. On windows, this error does not occur.



Overview screen-cast

Starting the software:

  • Unpack the file
  • Open
  • Press the arrow run button

openBEB DevCenter main window

Adding project files

  • Add the “+” button below the list.
  • Drag or select the project files you want to include.
  • You can leave the build name empty. In this case all build instructions of the project file are executed. Otherwise provide the build name.
  • Press the add button.
  • You can add as many projects as you like.
  • Stop the process by pressing the stop button.

Compile projects

  • Select the projects you want to compile.
  • A progress window with a time estimate is displayed. Note: The time estimate is only relevant, when all project files were compiled before and the list has been saved.
  • The main window is displayed again, when the batch was executed.
  • You can cancel the compile process. Press the cancel button. The process is stopped when the current task is complete.
  • The symbol in the project list informs about the compile state:
    • (): an empty symbol means that the project was not compiled during the actual session.
    • √: Indicates that the build was successful.
    • Χ: Build failed.

Inspecting information

  • Select the project. Additional information is displayed in the Project information panel.
  • If an error occurred, select the field compile error with the right mouse button and select more information.
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