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openBEB application server

The openBEB core program also contains a TCP listener for communication with other programs (application server). All commands, otherwise triggered by the event handler of the GUI, can be called via macros sent by TCP. The TCP listener uses a simple authentication scheme with a password. The service is called openBEBserver.

To send TCP commands, perform following steps:

  • Start openBEB server via a the CORE Preferences, advanced panel. You can also save settings so that the server is started on program start-up.
  • Establish TCP connection to openBEBserver.
  • Send string command: The string command consists of CORE commands, but includes the password at the very beginning of the string (no delimiter needed). The string must be terminated by a "carriage return" and a "linefeed". This indicates that the complete string has been received.
  • Encryption: You can encrypt the command string (including the concatenated password) by a blowfish encryption algorithm. Convert the output to ASCII and add "ENCRYPTED_BEGIN" and "ENCRYPTED_END" at the begin or end of the text string respectively. At the end, add "carriage return" and a "linefeed" to the message.

To test the communication, you can download this small LabView

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