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  • Working with flow cytometry data in openBIS
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This manual page shows how to work with flow cytometry data registered with the Annotation Tool.

A dedicated Experiment viewer tab is added to the flow cytometry experiments.

Click to enlarge.

The top panel shows the experiment tags, optional attachments, the experiment description and some additional information on the acquisition.

The Experiment tree structure on the left matches the original experiment structure in the FACSDIVA software and in the Annotation Tool.

The Experiment details section on the right dynamically updates to display metadata information associated to the entity selected in the Experiment tree.

Moreover, the measured events can be plotted in an interactive plot in the browser.

When selecting any of the entities in the Experiment tree, action buttons are displayed at the bottom of the Experiment details panel (for individual FCS files, only one is shown) to:

  • export all FCS files contained in that element to your user scratch area for analysis
  • export the selected FCS files into a zip file and downloaded through the browser
  • export the currently selected FCS file though the browser


Ask your administrator for details on where to find the scratch area.

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