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  • Configure openBIS ELN-LIMS using the standard user interface
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An Instance admin can configure the ELN by creating new types and fields and modifying existing ones. This is done in the standard openBIS interface.

Please use the standard openBIS UI to create:

  1. openBIS Spaces
  2. Experiment/Collection types
  3. Object (Sample) types
  4. Dataset types
  5. new Controlled Vocabularies
  6. new terms for existing Controlled Vocabularies 
  7. new properties for Experiment/Sample/Dataset types
  8. Assign roles to users

Please follow this Quick Start Up Guide  for further details.

Important notes:

  1. Always add the properties Name and Annotations state to all new object (sample) types. 
  2. Do not remove the properties Name and Annotations state from existing types.
  3. Always add the property Name to new Experiment and Dataset types.
  4. Add the predefined property XMLCOMMENTS (Comments List) to Object, Experiment, Dataset types if you want to have comment logs. 
  5. Naming convention for Collections. When new collections are created in the ELN, always include the sample type name in the collection code. E.g.: you created the object/sample type MOUSE and you want to create a collection for mice. Your collection code should be MOUSE_COLLECTION. If you add a Name, this is what is shown in the ELN, not the code, so you could provide the Name Mice Collection, for example.
  6. If you want to create different types of Experimental steps, please create object/sample types with code starting with "EXPERIMENTAL_STEP_". You can then provide in the description the most appropriate name that you want to be shown.
  7. When creating new Object types, always remember to provide a meaningful 


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