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  • Automatically Sending Data Set Summary Reports
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The application server can be configured to send a data set summary report to a list of e-mail recipients in regular time intervals . The report contains all new data sets registered since the last report. Selected properties can be included into the report. The data sets are grouped by the data set type.


In order to enable this feature the following lines have to be added to openBIS-server/jetty/etc/

mail.from = openbis@<host> = <SMTP host>
mail.smtp.user = 
mail.smtp.password = 

maintenance-plugins = data-set-report

data-set-report.class = ch.systemsx.cisd.openbis.generic.server.task.DataSetRegistrationSummaryTask
data-set-report.interval = 86400
data-set-report.start = 1:00 = <address 1>, <address 2>

This means that on the 1st day of every month at 1:00 AM openBIS sends to the specified e-mail recipients a report about the data sets that have been uploaded in the previous month.

Configuration parameters

The following table explains all configuration parameters understood by DataSetRegistrationSummaryTask:




Interval (in seconds) between regular checks whether to create a report or not. This value should be set to 86400 (1 day). Otherwise the same report might be sent twice or no report will be sent.


Time the report will be created. A good values for this parameter is some early time in the morning like in the example.


Comma-separated list of numbers denoting days of week (Sunday=1, Monday=2, etc.). This parameter should be used if reports should be sent weekly or more often.


Comma-separated list of numbers denoting days of month. Default value of this parameter is 1.


Comma-separated list of e-mail addresses.


Optional comma-separated list of data set properties to be included into the report.


Restrict the report to the specified data set types.


Use the specified content as the body of the email.

A report is sent at each day which is either a specified day of week or day of month. If only weekly reports are needed the parameter days-of-month should be set to an empty string.

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