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Data Set Uploader

The Data Set Uploader application provides a GUI for simultaneously uploading many data sets with properties (metadata) if Data Store Server is configured properly (see Installation and Administrators Guide of the openBIS Data Store Server#DSS RPC).

To start the Data Set Uploader, select the "Import -> Data Set Registration" menu item. This downloads a web start program:

The parts of the UI

Data Set List Management

There are several parts to the UI, each with its own function. In the first row, there are three buttons: "+", "-", and "Upload All". The "+" and "-" buttons manage the list of data sets specified for upload. The "+" button adds a data set to the list of those to upload, and the "-" button removes the selected data set from the list. The upload all button sends data sets to the server for registration.


Following the buttons, is a list of data sets that have been specified. Certain information about each data set is presented in columns:

  • Owner: The experiment or sample that owns the data set
  • Type: The type of the data set
  • Metadata: A summary of the properties of a data set
  • Path: The file or folder to upload
  • Status/Action: The display of this column changes depending on context. If the specification of the data set contains errors, an error is shown here. If the data set is ready to upload, an upload button is shown. During upload, the status of the upload is shown.

Data Set Information

The appearance of this section is dependent on the data set types that have been configured in openBIS. The first part is always the same and contains the following fields:

  • File: The file or folder to upload
  • Owner: The experiment or sample that owns the data (specified using the "Experiment" / "Sample" radio buttons)
  • Data Set Type: The type of the data set

After these comes a form with fields for specifying the properties of a data set. What is shown here depends on the properties that have been assigned to the selected data set type.

Editing and Uploading Data Sets

Upon starting, one data set to upload has already been defined. Fields that are in italics and have a "*" in the name are required and thus must be specified. Fields that are highlighted in red have not been specified correctly. Hovering the mouse over the field will show an error message explaining the problem. Once a data set has been fully specified (i.e., all required fields have been filled and all input passing validation), it can be uploaded by either pressing the "Upload" button in the corresponding table row, or by pressing the "Upload All" button.

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