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What needs to be configured to be able to upload Data Sets via CIFEX


Fill out the following fields in the

# The URL of the CIFEX server
cifex-url =

# Cifex users that will receive and automatically manage uploaded data.
# The user names should be prepended with 'id:' prefix for example: 
# cifex-recipient = id:dropboxuser, id:backpuser
cifex-recipient = id:cifexdatamanager


Create a user with the name you used in the file of openBIS (cifex-recipient).

Create these two files in the corresponding cifex installation:

cat cifex/jetty/etc/triggers.txt
cifexdatamanager        ch.systemsx.cisd.cifex.plugins.dss.DataStoreTrigger

cat cifex/jetty/ 
dss-incoming-directory = /net/bs-dsu-data/array0/dsu/dss/cifex_dss_upload

You also need to create the user cifexdatamanager (or what name you have chosen) in Cifex.

Data Store Server

Add the cifex thread to the input properties and specify the local folder in the

inputs=main-thread, batch-upload-thread, cifex

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# 'cifex' thread configuration
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
cifex.incoming-dir = <Local Path on server>
cifex.incoming-data-completeness-condition = auto-detection
cifex.delete-unidentified = true = ch.systemsx.cisd.etlserver.cifex.CifexDataSetInfoExtractor
cifex.type-extractor = ch.systemsx.cisd.etlserver.cifex.CifexTypeExtractor = ch.systemsx.cisd.etlserver.CifexStorageProcessor = ch.systemsx.cisd.etlserver.DefaultStorageProcessor = .*(?<!request\.properties)$
# Will automatically unzip all files with extension .zip = true
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