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What is Simple View Mode

The Simple View Mode is a version of openBis Web GUI, that:

  • always shows exactly one view (e.g. Experiment Details or Sample Browser)
  • has no top menu
  • has no tab bar
  • does not allow any data management (report only view; add,edit,delete... buttons are disabled).
  • links in the Simple View Mode are regular hyperlinks, so they can be bookmarked and opened in new browser window (or browser tab)
  • supports browser history buttons (back/forward) allowing to navigate between already visited views
  • is entered by following a URL, e.g. a perm link

What operations are supported by Simple View Mode

  • browse meta data
  • search for meta data
  • show data sets
  • run reports on data sets
  • run custom queries (like e.g. versus a bespoke data schema)

How to access Simple View Mode

openBIS switches to Simple View Mode, if a special parameter (viewMode=simple) is found in the URL.

For the OpenBIS available at, the Simple View Mode will be:

How to embed openBIS on external pages

Embedded mode is a small extension of the Simple View Mode.
It is suitable for embedding openBIS inside external web pages:

  • toolbar at the top and footer are not displayed
  • each table has only one button which allows to export it. There are no buttons for filtering, refreshing and changing the settings.

Special parameter (viewMode=embedded) should be attached to the URL to switch embedded mode on, the whole URL will look like this:
It can be also configured on the server side that embedded mode is the default one.

How to create bookmarks for Simple View Mode


Detail views, search, queries

  • Find all wells which are connected to materials of the specified type TYPE_CODE with a given material code or property MATERIAL_CODE_OR_PROPERTY in the experiment with a given permId EXP_PERM_ID. If showCombinedResultsis set to false the link displays materials without the accompanying plates/wells/datasets.

Permlinks are already in use in the standard View Mode and instead of creating them by hand one
can copy them from openbis.

  • Permlink for showing detail viewof a sample/experimen/dataset can be copied from:
    • Show Detail Link column of tables where the entities are listed
    • PermId property value in detail view of the entity
  • Permlink for downloading file attachment can be copied from Permlink column of Attachments table in detail view of the entity to which the attachment was assigned.

Example permlinks:

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