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There is a XML data type that can be used for storing structured information as values of properties. It is a very powerful and flexible data type that allows e.g.:

  • to specify a schema that will be used for validation of the XML values (using XML Schema)
  • to transform the XML values before rendering them in the browser (using XSLT)
  • to use special expressions in custom table columns or filters for pointing to specific parts of XML (using XPath)
  • the value stored as a property value should be a well formed XML document
  • optionaly for a property using the type one can provide:
    • an XML Schema - it will be used to validate XML documents before storing them
    • an XSLT script - it will be used to transform the value before it is rendered in GUI in a table or detail view (by default raw XML document will be rendered)
  • an XPath expression can be used in custom column to extract certain values from XML documents stored as properties
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