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Generic openBIS Change Log and Known Issues

Version 18.06.2 (6 November 2018)


  • Bugfix, Installer fixes related with symlinks  (SSDM-7343)
  • Bugfix, Installer fixes related with duplicated folders (SSDM-7344)
  • Bugfix, Microscopy dataset registration failure(SSDM-7130)
  • DSS Monitoring Tool Support (SSDM-7166)


  • Bugfix, Tablet support  (SSDM-7228)
  • Bugfix, Ordering (SSDM-7346)

Version 18.06.1 (18 October 2018)


  • Modify ExperimentBasedArchivingTask to use data set size if known (SSDM-7041)

  • New post registration task to set flag 'archiving requested' (SSDM-7010)

Python API (pyBIS)

  • Semantic annotations are fully supported (SSDM-6986)


  • openBIS Sync : Timeout fix (SSDM07274)
  • ELN: prevent CKEditor breaking when window is resized (SSDM-6195)

Version 18.06.0 (29 June 2018)

New Features and Major Changes compared to release 16.05

  • Increased Flexibility of meta data structures
    • Data set kinds now belong to each dataset instead of their types.
    • Project-level samples (switched off by default since most users have developed plugins that are not ready for this). We recommend to have a test environment to review if is possible and worth to enable it in a case by case basis. (see Project samples)
  • API v3 is feature complete now (for an introduction see openBIS V3 API)
  • Semantic annotations (see openBIS V3 API#semantic_annotations)
  • pyBIS (openBIS API for Python/Jupyter) (see pyBIS)
  • BigDataLink module. This allows to use openBIS as metadata repository for large data stored on a filesystem external to openBIS (for an introduction see Big Data Link)
    Authorisation at the project level (see Authorization)
  • Internal component upgrades
    • Some frameworks updated, mainly to avoid security issues as reported by some automatic tools and third party penetration tests.
    • Source code now available in git with easy to follow instructions to build.
    • Upgraded Java version to Java 8


Please note that the components below will be still available, but no further development will be done on them and no bug fixes should be expected.

  • API v1
  • Screening Plugin
  • Proteomics Plugin

For more details see sprint change log between S229 and S279.

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