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Generic openBIS Change Log and Known Issues

Version (28 October 2019)


  • (SSDM-8914, SSDM-8835) Bugfix, XLS Parser for master data updates
  • (SSDM-8869) Old collection types migration

Version 19.06.2 (17 September 2019)


  • (SSDM-8543) V3 returning too much
  • (SSDM-8599) Make number of sessions per user configurable
  • (SSDM-8636) Date Widget in Core UI sends timestamps with the timezone


  • (SSDM-8748) Bugfix, Improved validity of session detection to avoid blanc screens on login
  • (SSDM-8582) Bugfix, Deselect items in controlled vocabularies
  • (SSDM-8629) Bugfix, Show only operations the use can perform
  • (SSDM-8714) New import format, better error detection
  • (SSDM-8592) New import format, new Metadata column support
  • (SSDM-8583) Add move projects option
  • (SSDM-8533, SSDM-8751) Zenodo Imports
  • (SSDM-8504) Select Experiment Type on creation
  • (SSDM-7956, SSDM-8697) Spreadsheet fields support on the ELN
  • (SSDM-8698) Keep session alive
  • (SSDM-7955) New object Templates

Version 19.06.1 (19 July 2019)


  • (SSDM-8472) Update default configuration of the xls-import plugin so it can't fail and be sensible

  • (SSDM-8498) Upgrade 18.06 to 19.06 gets stuck running the step 4 administration scripts

  • (SSDM-8499) Polluted logs full of Hibernate legacy API warnings, should be filtered out

  • (SSDM-8473) Dropbox bug: Half ingested data


  • (SSDM-8402) Disable Buttons if they can' be used because entities are frozen
  • (SSDM-8502) Login not possible for user having only project rights

  • (SSDM-8440) Freezing: Uncheck all entities lead to an error

  • (SSDM-8505) Access rights dialog for projects shows also rights for projects with same code but different spaces

Version 19.06.0 (26 June 2019)

New features and Major Changes compared to release 18.06

  • Frozen flags for spaces, projects, collections/experiments, objects/samples and data sets
  • ELN:
    • Freezing entities
    • Saving search queries and reuse them
    • Integrated Microscopy viewer and Flow Cytometry viewer
    • Show properties of type hyperlink
    • Updated CKEditor supports Excel copy/paste
  • V3 API:
    • Search by identifier
    • Support dynamic/managed properties
    • Support freezing
    • Fast file download
  • openBIS sync:
    • Performance improvement
    • Reduction of memory footprint
    • Link Data Set support
    • Synchronizing users and registration timestamps
    • Synchronizing frozen flags
  • New microscopy plugin (version 19.x not backward  to 18.x)
  • New flow cytometry plugin (version 19.x not backward  to 18.x)
  • Big Data Link: supporting project samples
  • Upgrade all core libraries, Spring, Hibernate, etc..
  • Upgrade to bioformats library version 5.9.2
  • Upgrade to jetty library verson 9.4.14
  • Upgrade to jhdf5 library version 19.04.0
  • and lots of bug fixes.

For more details see sprint change log between S280 and S300.


  • The technologies for proteomics and screening are no longer provided by the installer. But existing openBIS instances with these technologies can be still upgraded.

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