The documentation available refers to the most current version of openBIS Sprint Release.

Date: 2018-06-29

openBIS is developed by the Scientific IT Services of ETH Zurich. We provide support via our SIS helpdesk on a "best-effort" basis.

The most current Sprint Release can be downloaded from Sprint Releases.

The openBIS User Group Meeting 2019 will take place on 18th and 19th of June, in the main building of ETH Zurich. Detailed program and registration can be found here:

Documentation of openBIS

User Documentation (General)

User Documentation (Screening)


openBIS Webinars (Screen Casts)

Installation and Admin Guides

System Operation



Guides & FAQ


Extending and Customizing openBIS



Other Topics


openBIS for High Content Screening

openBIS for Microscopy

openBIS for Flow Cytometry

openBIS for Proteomics

openBIS for Illumina NGS  


openBIS integrated software

Python 3 module to interact with openBIS

openBIS V3 API

openBIS Service Facade


using the openBIS JSON-RPC directly

openBIS General Information API

Main API Documentation (Javadoc)

 Link to our git source code repository: