The documentation available refers to the most current version of openBIS Release.

Date: 2013-04-04

The most current Production Release can be downloaded from the openBIS Download Page.

Documentation of openBIS

Quick Start Up Guide

User Documentation (General)

User Documentation (Screening)


openBIS Webinars (Screen Casts)

openBIS Setup Guide (Introduction)

Installation and Admin Guides

Developers Change Log
Pending Configuration Changes
Migrating openBIS for Core Plugins

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Archiving Datasets
Data Store Share Use Cases
Sharing Databases

Core Plugins
Custom Database Queries
Customize Login Page and Welcome Page (since 13.04.11)
Custom Table Columns and Filters
Extended Configuration Properties
Configuring Graphs and Plots

Jython-based Reporting and Processing Plugins
openBIS Roles
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Maintenance Tasks
Reporting Plugins
Processing Plugins
Search Domain Service (since 13.04.11)
Sample Batch Update
Simple View Mode of openBIS
Viewing datasets
XML Properties
Ad Hoc Vocabulary Terms
openBIS KNIME Nodes

Recommeded Java and Postgres memory settings
Migrating openBIS to a new machine

Admin Console - adding metadata to openBIS from command line

iPad App


openBIS for High Content Screening
openBIS for Microscopy
openBIS for Proteomics
openBIS for Illumina NGS  

openBIS Service Facade
Using the openBIS JSON-RPC API directly
openBIS General Information API
Main API Documentation (Javadoc)